Killing the Model Minority Stereotype: Asian American Counterstories and Complicity

Director of the doctorate program at CSU East Bay, Dr. Brad Porfilio has just had a book that he contributed to published. Below is a description of the book;

Killing the Model Minority Stereotype comprehensively explores the complex permutations of the Asian model minority myth, exposing the ways in which stereotypes of Asian/Americans operate in the service of racism. Chapters include counter-narratives, critical analyses, and transnational perspectives. This volume connects to overarching projects of decolonization, which social justice educators and practitioners will find useful for understanding how the model minority myth functions to uphold white supremacy and how complicity has a damaging impact in its perpetuation. The book adds a timely contribution to the model minority discourse.

Edited by:
Nicholas Daniel Hartlep, Illinois State University
Brad J. Porfilio, CSU, East Bay